Production management
For the execution of production management, we conduct time review, equipment review, and human review based on the order information. Make planned and scientific arrangements for the allocation and use of materials, manpower, machinery and equipment. Prior to customer needs, strictly observe the PDCA cycle, and strictly monitor production in accordance with 4M1E management. The scene \"6S \" is clear.

Quality Management

Company quality goals:
1.The qualified rate of incoming inspection batches is ≥98%
2.Process defect rate ≤0.02%
3. 100% passing inspection rate
4.Effective customer complaints ≤ 2 batches per month
5. The verification rate of measurement and testing equipment according to plan is 100%
In order to meet the company's quality goals, we have adopted a series of measures
First, incoming materials:
1. During the IQC inspection, strict inspections are conducted on defects, monthly reports are coordinated monthly, and registered suppliers are controlled.
2. SQE conducts full-time coaching and auditing of the suppliers whose scores are not up to standard from the system part and quality part to meet all our requirements.
Second, the process:
1. Strengthen control methods and methods for process problems, and incorporate problems that occur in the process into SOP and SIP for control.
2. Customer complaints caused by design issues on the client side are tracked for improvement with the\"Customer Complaint Improvement Tracking Schedule\"; redefine and review our design review process and methods to avoid design errors.
3. Shipping:
1. Strictly provide shipping schedules and inspect shipments based on business.
2. Strictly carry out inspection according to AQL MIL-STD-105E Grade II sampling standard.
3. Reliability testing with the laboratory every quarter.

customer service
Each office of the company has a professional customer service team, and can promptly confirm and deal with problems or abnormalities reflected by customers. Work with customers to handle exceptions that occur during the process. For problems that cannot be solved on site, customer service will promptly report back to the company's quality department. We value and will continuously improve our services.