First of all, thank you for your interest in Chuangjia Electronics, and congratulations on making Chuangjia Electronics one of your first choices for your job search goals.

Chuangjia is an aggressive and determined company. With the introduction of the company's advanced management model, the standardized management and business development of the company has reached a new level. \"People-oriented\" is the core of the company's corporate culture. Chuangjia Electronics deeply appreciates the past and present employees for every contribution they have made to the company, and sincerely congratulates them on their fulfillment and joy in their work and their success and development. In the new century, the company is more determined to further build a paradise for knowledge professionals and a model for knowledge companies. Chuangjia Electronics strives to provide employees with a superior working environment, and also respects and fully rewards employees for their hard and efficient work.

Friends, you are welcome to join Chuangjia, let Chuangjia give full play to your talents!